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11 Essential Features Your Online Business Website Must Comprise: A Quick Digest

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The internet besides offering abundant possibilities for businesses is a horizon of ups and downs. To thrive in its highly competitive sea of alike fishes, you should be willing to make the best of the things even when the current is not in your favor.

Working in a PHP website development company in USA for quite some years, I have emphasized over and over the importance of having a perfect business website to countless clients. Having a sturdy website helps you develop credibility among your clientele and thrust the power of the internet in your favor. Here’s a quick digest on top features your website must-have:

  1. Domain Name

Must be relevant to your business and easy to remember.

  1. About Us

It assists your visitors to learn more about your company.

  1. Positive Client Reviews

Gets your users to think if other are satisfied with your business, they might as well too.

  1. Contact Us Page

That’s how your visitors/ customers will find ways to contact you.

  1. Blog

Make your to post at least one blog every day. It’s a great way to answer customer’s queries while letting them know that your website is not abandoned.

  1. Smooth Navigation

Put significant efforts on making your website’s navigation easily comprehensible. That helps the visitors to focus on other major elements of your website.

  1. On-Page SEO

Submit your website to preeminent search engines to let them know of the online existence of your online business. Make it fast to load by using optimized images, content, and JavaScript. Put pertinent meta tags, Alt tags, and keywords in HTML as well as in UI.

  1. Conversion Forms

These forms can be the lead generators for your PHP web development service. Hence, keep them professional yet simple. Only ask for what is extremely essential.

  1. HTTPS

The time of older HTTP is gone thanks to its vulnerability to hacker attacks. Instead, opt for HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) which will encrypt the data to-be transferred data packets highly secure.

  1. Intriguing Content

Content is assuredly the king in the world of internet. It is potent enough to affect the behavior of your website visitors inciting them to go ahead and avail/ buy the services or products your business offers. Hence make it easily readable, use clear formatting, and add a touch of creativity.

  1. Visual Elements

A picture says a thousand words. Visual elements such as images, color theme, typography, and the logo must be quite interesting to win their attention.


The aforesaid features are of elemental importance for the success of an online business but often go overlooked as many businesses emphasize on complex ones often.

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