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Surprising Benefits of Having an Android Phone

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While we have numerous mobile companies or brands in today’s technical market, Android has become an irreplaceable brand and it is also among the most used operating systems. Thus, we have plenty of Android App Development Companies in USA.


Many surveys have been done on it and those surveys clearly show the rapid growth of the Android industry. Android is popular among the users because of its huge and unique features. Here we present a short list of a few advantages of having an Android phone.  


Easy to Customize

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Android devices are easy to customize and this quality sets it apart from other brands. It has numerous default features which make your experience smoother while using any Android device. It can be easily swapped out to the third-party alternatives without any rooting required but, expect iOS.


Android allows you to install third-party browsers and set them as your default browser. This way you can open any link or all the links you want to open in the third party browser. And, it’s not necessary to carry the default browser, you can ignore it entirely if you want.


Run Multi-Tasks at Once

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A multi-windows feature is available on all the Android devices including phones. It allows you to work on multiple screens or apps at once which is very helpful for all the businessmen.  


So, if you have an Android phone, you already have an added feature of multitasking because you can run several tasks or apps at the same time on the Android devices without closing the other apps.


Cost Effective

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Android phones are available in all the ranges starting from the lowest to the highest because it has a very affordable price range. It is affordable that doesn’t mean, it has less features.


These smartphones don’t hit your pocket or your bank balance deeply while you can still get a well-designed device loaded with lots of useful applications. A Lot of people are using it just because it is very reasonable according to other brands.



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Android phones can use the free space provided by the Google to save the back of photos and videos. You can enable an automatic back up system on your Android phone according to your wish. You can even set a rule so that it starts taking the back up only when the phone’s in charge.    


If you have any complications while using an Android phone you can easily hire any developer from Android App Development Services. Another benefit of having an Android phone is you can easily find the support for it.


These were a few advantages of having an Android phone and if you are planning to have a new phone, just keep these points in your mind and then decide which brand’s phone you want to buy.


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