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Why You Should Use Multiple Landing Pages For Your Website

What is a Landing Page

A landing page is the entry point for a website or a particular section of a website. A landing page can be any web page where visitors get engaged in just one action. These pages help visitors to understand your service goals and they are also called the best source of conversion.  

In more simple language, a landing page is a simple web page that attracts visitor’s attention towards your services or products and collects information through a lead form. It gives you several opportunities to increase your conversion ratio and also helps you to achieve your business goals.   


Several development companies like CodeIgniter Website Development Companies, suggest to use the multiple landing pages because they believe that this is one of the best ways to convert traffic into sales or to make a various new connection.

Most of the businesses don’t give that much importance to the landing pages and put time or money on them because they believe that landing pages will not bring any profit for their business so they should use that money on some others functions.

Now when you know what is a landing page and what a single landing page can do for your business, we will extend your knowledge one step forward and let you know, why you should spend your time, money and resources on the multiple landing pages instead of a single page.

Attracts Traffic

You can highlight specific products or services description separately to attract more traffic instantly through multiple landing pages. A single landing page will promote just one or two products at a time but through multiple landing pages, you can cover multiple kinds of products that means you can cover huge audience with different choices.  

The multiple landing pages will effectively target the huge audience at the same time and help you to convert that traffic into sales. You can’t start multiple online advertising campaigns without multiple landing pages because not all your customers have similar interests or issues.

People from different cities or states will have different tastes and they will be needing different services accordingly. Instead of using one ad targeting one audience leading to one landing page, you can use multiple landing pages that will let you put a variety of best ads and get you great conversion on each page.

Best for SEO

As we all know a good Seo is one of the best ways to get noticed among your competitors, multiple landing pages help you to get easily noticed by search engines.

If you really have spent time, money and resources to create the outstanding pages, search engines will pick them up and promote them online. However, you need to make sure that you have used the relevant content with great designing.

And, to create the best designs or content you need an expert mind to work for you so, you can get that experts support from CodeIgniter Website Development Companies because these development companies are well known for their best quality and support.

Easy for testing

Testing is no more complicated with Multiple landing pages now because they perform better test results than a single landing page. The comparison is very simple, If you have multiple landing pages promoting the same ad and most of the customers are picking up the page first products, you will get to know which one is the best to use.

Similarly, you can easily test different graphics, designs, and formats with multiple landing pages. This is how multiple landing pages give you the deeper knowledge about your customer’s choice and demand.

And, if you understand the exact requirements of the customers positively there is no one who can stop you from growing.  After understanding your customer’s exact requirements you can create more effective offers or ads according to their tastes and increase your business revenue easily.

This is how to get the clearer understanding of your audience requirements, you can create and easily test different offers on your multiple landing pages. After recognizing the stronger or the weaker offers, you can remove or edit the weak offer and target the quality audience.

These were a few benefits of using multiple landing pages for your website. If you are not doing well with a single landing page then you can also use multiple landing pages for your website and see how this smart step turns everything around. You won’t need to put more efforts on marketing if you have selected multiple landing pages for your website.

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