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3 Common Website Design Mistakes that Often Result in Lost Conversions

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If there is one thing online businesses run behind, it is conversion. Businesses look forward to converting as much visitors into customers as possible. To understand the conversion better, one often need to comprehend what conversion rate is.


The percentage of your website visitors who do your desired actions is your conversion rate. Top website designing companies in USA know it that the design of a website is a crucial factor that highly affects the conversion rates.


Let’s have a look what you are doing wrong with your website’s design and how to get things back on the track:


1. A First Impression that Isn’t Good Enough

The first impression is the last impression. That’s true. There’s nothing frightening than a bad first impression. Did you know that how much time your customers usually take to make a staying decision? Just one second. If you fail to entice them in that one second, they will most likely leave.


Do an extensive survey of your competitor’s websites. Check out what’s lacking there what they are doing actually better. Learn about latest web designing trends and employ that knowledge in your website.


2. Slow Loading Time

I am telling this from my personal experience. Any website that takes more than five seconds to load, I just hit the close button. The slow loading time of your website messes with your customer’s experience. It turns great potential customers into turned off visitors who will now think twice before opening your website. Online businesses need to understand that today’s users are the most impatient than ever.


Rather than designing for high definition details, you should design your website for improved performance. If you are using too many flashes or heavy content such as HD videos, then replace them with thinner content. Moreover, if javascript are slowing it down, combine them into one file.


3. Adding Too Many Features

Give a baby something to play, he will play it for hours. Give a baby too many things to play, he will get confused what should he play with. That’s what happens to your website visitors when you load your website up with too many visual or action elements.

Ask your website designing service to use minimal design. So the main focus could be stuck on the elements you want your visitors to focus.


A visitor does not care how solidly your website’s back end was constructed or what unique you have to offer for them. However, they do give a piece of their thoughts to any website that satisfies their eyes and brain through a faster loading time, immaculately placed elements, and lovely design and layout.


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