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In nowadays almost all the kodi users are disturbing and not enjoying their favourite videos with the interrupted and unavoidable servers list. These servers list issue can be avoided by following our procedure which is introduced by the kodi developers. Now that development has got success.

This is the great innovation of the kodi developers and the olpair developers. From this article, you can learn about the fixing of olpair kodi streaming pair on your kodi addons. This is the great opportunity for the kodi users those who are getting interrupted servers list while they are trying to start a movie. Streaming Fixing Method

Whenever you trying to open a movie on your kodi addon, you would get some servers list which is not letting you watch your favourite movie or any other video. To avoid this interruption you need to follow the below procedure and they will let you into some rid of that issue. Let me tell you them.

  1. Before we are going to fix the olpair error you have to start your kodi software on your device
  2. Try to start a movie
  3. But as usual, you will get different servers list
  4. From that servers list, you must select
  5. By using that olpair you can select any video from the video addons
  6. But you can see a pop up which says “This video requires stream authorization”
  7. To get a rid of this pop up you have to open a new browser
  8. Type the URL
  9. Now “I am not a robot” will appear, solve that by giving a tick in the empty box
  10. Finally, you will get your “device paired successfully”

Fix Error By using This Simple Trick

After fixing olpair error on my kodi, Agin Stated gettingĀ  olpair kind of error called to fix that error I am followed one simple trick which explaned byĀ  streaming error Solution pair site. Mainly they provided 3 trick, 1st method i know already and remaining 2 methods are working very good. Now I am Enjoying watching movies without any kind of error.

If you follow these instructions you won’t get any interrupted servers issues and any other issues which are not allowing to stream your favourite video or any other selected video. Definitely, it will help you a lot and you will be enjoying a lot of getting this.

But one thing you must remember, after pairing your device IP with the olpair IP address you can get its service up to four hours. After hours you have to pair it again. So for every four hours, you have to follow the same procedure.


This is the order to get the olpair error fixing method on kodi. You should follow them carefully to avoid the interrupted servers list. We included everything so there is nothing else to give the information of olpair and its system of working. If you have any doubts which are not included in this article you can ask them through the comment box and get the answers from the experts through the same comment box.

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