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A Study by Dr Devicharan Shetty (DC Shetty) on OFG


One of the prominent name when we talk about research work mainly in the medical industry is DrDeviCharanShetty. He has given so much to industry. He has done researches on several issues that are there in the medical industry. And with his research work most of the issues have been resolved. So today I am going to tell you about one of his research work that he has contributed for the welfare of the society.

DrDevicharanShetty carried out the study on the Orofacial Granulomatosis. OFG is one of the rare chronic inflammatory disorder presenting characteristics like lip swelling also affecting the gingivae, buccal mucosa and floor of the mouth. The study was carried out by DrDCShetty to understand it fully and to find out the exact relationship between the OFG and CD (Chron’s disease). As per the findings, it is known that OFG is an uncommon clinical entity that is mainly presented by the swelling of soft tissues of the oral as well as maxillofacial region also with the histological evidence of non caseating granulomatous inflammation. But till now if we talk about the precise cause of the OFG then still it is unknown. For this various theories have been suggested that includes allergy, infection and genetic predisposition. To study it deeply, a case report was examined, the case was of male patient aged 11 years with complaint of swelling of gums since 6 months.

A Detailed study on Dr DC Shetty on Orofacial Granulomatosis : It causes and effects

This case was a major breakthrough in studying the OFG. The case was examined further to get its deep understanding. As per the reports it was found that OFG is an increasingly recognized entity. The exact etiology of the Orofacial Granulomatosis is still unknown and therefore the precise treatment as well as the long term prognosis is still uncertain. The differential diagnosis of the OFG includes many granulomatous diseases and which also requires the skilled clinical judgement.

The research work that is being carried out by DrDCShetty is a matter of discussion since the time it was first coined. Nowadays the OFG is increasing and also has become a topic of interest for all the professionals and this also poses a great challenge to all of us from its diagnosis to prognosis and at last the treatment part. As there are advantages of the early diagnosis, and regular clinical review to determine that if there is any development of the gastrointestinal involvement and also the limited use of the systematic steroids on the long term patient. For the treatment both clinician as well as the patient need to be aware of the major frustrating nature of the OFG.

These were some of the breakthrough result points that were useful. DrDevicharanShetty gave his valuable time to the study and his valuable knowledge points. Dr DC Shetty has given all his life for the welfare society. This was just a sample of his work, like this there so many research work that he has done till now that have helped medical industry. Further also, we wish he continues his work so that we will also get to know about some of the research and its results.

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