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Great Ways to Revolve Your Content Around Specific Keywords

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Not everyone out there writes content on the internet just for the sake of their own interest or to provide something valuable to their readers or customers. We know that quality content is not free. It helps you earn revenue one way or another.

For many online businesses, be it a Joomla website development company in USA or just a random eCommerce store, you might know the significance of content in terms of ranking well on Google.

However, the way content used to populate over internet 7 years back has completely changed, thanks to the Google’s Panda and Penguin updates. Now, keyword stuffed, poor quality content continuously get devalued by search engines.

On the other hand, Google has begun to prioritizing insightful, thoroughly researched content that provides value to its users. While we know that keyword stuffing is bad, the need of using relevant keywords and the importance of using them, can’t be ignored.

In the event of achieving better and better rank in the Google, sometimes, or should we say – always, we need to revolve our content strategy around specific keywords related to our business. However, sometimes keywords do not go with the flow of the content. Here’s how you can infix them into your posts without any hassle:


1. Go With the Flow

You may have a set of keyword phrases to use in your article let say – Best pizza NYC. That’s great. Now you know what you need to use in your blog post.

You will probably use something similar in your title too. However, you don’t want to repeat the keyword after every 50 words. Keep the keyword density to 2% and let it flow with the sentence for instance – Find the best pizza in NYC at Joe’s.


2. Deliver Large Piece of Content

Google wants you to do that. Your readers want you to do that. Then what are you waiting for? No doubt, long blog posts take time to research. But unless you write them, people wouldn’t offer a piece of their time reading it.

Many SEO marketers in top Joomla web development services in USA
take Google’s Panda and Penguin update as an attack on using keywords. But it is exactly according.

You can still use (and you need to do that) keywords in your articles in an appropriate manner. To that end, your focus should stay on the insight value of your content, not on how and where to shove the keywords.


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